Food stocks


In the event of an imminent or actual emergency, food and water stocks may be limited and their supply may be disturbed. Having prepared food and water stocks for 72 hours is important.

Store the following food products at home in dry and dark place:

canned meat;
canned vegetables (leguminous vegetables may be recommended);
other canned goods (condensed milk, fruits etc.);
groats (grain);

General advice regarding food stocks:

• Bear in mind to add your favourite food as well;
• Do not forget about tin-opener;
• Before heating canned goods, remove labels and open the can. Once you open the can, food should be consumed according to the recommendations on the label;
• Canned fish products are not recommended;
•  Newly bought food stock should be stored behind existing stocks. Such order may be helpful to consume food with shorter expiry date primarily;
• Do not consume food which have had contact with flood water and/or unhygienic surfaces;
•  While storing food select and prefer ordinary food;
•  Consider the amount of supplies of drinking water, i.e. 12 litres of water for one person per 72 hours. Stored water should be poured into small capacity bottles – it may help to keep water clean for a longer time.

It is also advised to impose a person who should be responsible for food supplies in the family.