Emergency Supply Kit


  Documents – birth certificate and/or marriage certificate, passports/ID, diplomas and certificates, driving license, insurance, property deeds;

•  Family mementos, photos of relatives (in case of search);

•  Money (cash, credit cards, securities) and jewelry (disjoint and hide among other things);

  Mobile phone with phone charger;

  Pocket torch with spare batteries;

 Portable radio with spare batteries;

  Aid for vision (glasses, contact lenses) or hearing aids;

  First aid kit, daily taken medication and all necessary medicaments for each family member and hydrogen peroxide;

•  Food and water supplies poured into small bottles for 3 days;

•  Extra food, in case of special needs;


  Hydrogen peroxide;

  Baby food, diapers, wet wipes;

  Toys and/or books for children;

  Clothes (considering the season);

•  Toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush, toilet-paper etc.);

•  Warm blanket and/or compact sleeping bag;

  Dust mask;

  Matches packed it a water resistant box;

  Pencil and paper;

  Notebook (with written phone numbers and addresses);

  Cigarettes (in certain situations might be used in exchange).

Final tips:

  • When leaving, do not forget to take your emergency supply kit;
  • It is advised to send SMS instead of calling your relatives in case of an emergency;
  • Turn off (valves of) gas, water and electricity;
  • Take your pets together.